Janson Bridging works worldwide on accessibility. A properly set-up and well maintained infrastructural network is the basis for development in any country and results in access to economic and social provisions. Accessibility results in economic growth and increased prosperity worldwide.

Janson Bridging understands the local needs and actively contributes to the sustainable development goals of the United Nation as part of Janson’s company mission. By realising accessibility on a worldwide scale with our high-quality modular solutions, such as bridges, pontoons and ferries, we want to contribute to increasing prosperity around the world. Janson Bridging International invests efforts on a global scale in rural areas in order to realise accessibility and to stimulate prosperity.

Among others, we have delivered more one thousand bridges in Sri Lanka, enabling tens of thousands of people and children to get to hospitals and schools and making commerce life a lot easier. See more about these activities of Janson Bridging International.


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Janson Bridging is the market leader in Europe for the hire and purchase of modular steel bridges, pontoons, RoRos and ferries. Our innovative solutio...